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Building community around your home.

The best people for the job.

Studevant Industries combines data, technology, and people to surround your home with the best professionals in your neighborhood.

How it Works

The FREE all-in-one solution for a smart community

A one-stop shop that delivers you data, historical insights, and projcections






Increase Visibility


Make Informed Decisions

Use our community of smart professionals to make sure you get thee best results every time.

Why us?

Fully tap in to your community.

The First Home Services Marketplace

Find the best professionals for the job

We grab facts, data, and reviews to bring the best, fastest, easiest options for a property.

Actionable Info

The facts you need to be successful.

Historical info including transaction data, permitting, and neighborhood changes.

Intelligent projections and inferences that allow you to forecast your decisions.


Beautiful Reports

Reports that provide value beyond a search.

Data-driven metrics

Professionally designed and edited

Friendly informa

Brands you recognize and trust


The Most Powerful Home Tool, Ever

We're built using the same methods and sources that top intelligence organizations use. That means you're getting the best, most accurate information exactly when you need it.



The latest from us

Our People

What do we say?

No other tools give you this much info this fast.

Even a home inspection report is bound to the capabilities of the inspector; there's plenty of other info out there that can be hidden.


Co-founder, Studevant Industries

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